How to add custom buttons in Wordpress content without using shortcodes

Adding custom buttons to your WordPress posts and pages may contribute to enhancing user experience and enticing readers to take action.

As you might have noticed, WordPress TinyMCE allows to insert normal links but it has no option for adding buttons. Therefore, adding custom buttons to your posts requires having some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

If you are not comfortable with coding you might consider using shortcodes. There are many plugins that will enable you to add custom buttons with ease. However, most of these plugins are loaded with additional features that you will never use on your website.

For those of you who do not like inserting shortcodes manually in your text editor, you can use the Forget About Shortcode Buttons. The good thing about this plugin is that it is easy to use and doesn’t require any manual shortcodes handling or coding skills at all.

Once installed and activated the plugin will work out of the box. It will automatically add a new link to your visual text editor tools bar. To add a button to your post just click the indicated link and a small window will pop up.

Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin - Properties Tab

Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin – Properties Tab

As you can see in the screenshot above the pop-up window is very intuitive. It has a preview section where you can see the styles being applied on the fly. Clicking the properties tab, you will be able to assign a text and a URL to your button. You can also customize its color, size, and type to fit your needs.

Finally, you can also add an icon to your custom button. The plugins ships with many interesting font icons which you can append or prepend to your buttons. If you want to insert an icon, click on the icon tab and select one of the available options.

Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin - Icons Tab

Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin – Icons Tab

Now that you have designed your custom button on the fly without shortcodes it’s time to insert it into your post. And of course, you can align it as you wish. To align your button just click on it once to select it, then use your editor’s align tools to center it or to align it either to the left or to the right.

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In case you aren’t satisfied with the look of your custom button you can usually edit it clicking on it twice so as to bring up the popup window back. Now you get access to the editing options and you can tweak your styles as you wish.

Here is a step by step video tutorial which explains exactly how to add custom buttons to your content.

As you can see, using Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin makes it a breeze to add buttons without using shortcodes in WordPress. Just give it a try. In case you have any questions or suggestions we’ll be glad to help.

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How to Add Custom Buttons to WordPress Content Without Shortcodes
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